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Soulwax - Essential



Soulwax - Essential

  When asked if I wanted to review the latest offering from Soulwax, I agreed with an over-enthusiastic YES! Actually, the full question had not been formed.  He had me at, “So, yeah, Soulwax have a new …” and then I jumped at the chance. When you listen to certain song or a specific band, you might find yourself being whisked down memory lane. Soulwax does this to me. They take me back to 2002 when I was living in Kansas City and had formed a friendship with...

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Trembling Bells – The Sovereign Self



Trembling Bells – The Sovereign Self

There can be no doubting either the ambition or the eccentricity of Trembling Bells. The Scottish melody-loving, prog-soloing troubadours have just released their fourth album, decorated with portraits of talismanic writers and musicians from Dante to Dennis Potter, and packed with a set of wilfully bizarre and beautiful tracks. Over everything hangs the antic spirit of The Incredible String Band and Mike Heron, with whom The Bells have recently toured. The ...

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Bearded Theory Preview : Musos' Guide Chats With Winachi Tribe

Bearded Theory Preview : Musos' Guide Chats…

Bearded Theory Spring Gathering is back at its iconic home of Catton Park nestled in the National Forest for their 11th outing. They have six main music stages being The Pallet, Magical Sounds, Woodland, Maui Waui,...

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Lice - It All Worked Out Great

Lice - It All Worked Out Great

Like their fellow Bristolians, Idles, Lice have a love of noisy tunes, a penchant for righteous indignation, and a fondness for literary allusions. The first band ...

The Stoles - Age of Deception

The Stoles - Age of Deception

The Stoles’ debut album is finally here. After dabbling in various sounds, their style and lineup have stabilised and crystallised into Age of Deception. Four year...

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The Winachi Tribe - Transition
Peggy Gou - Once EP
The Future West - Radio Town EP
Baby James - Find The Time EP
Bullet Girl - Post-Atomic Youth
The Stoles - Age Of Deception
Neon Atlas - Fever
The Shakers - White Leather
Geek Maggot Bingo - Box 36
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Festival Preview: Y-Not Festival 2018

Festival Preview: Y-Not Festival 2018

With last year’s festival leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many (and not just from the sea of mud they had to contend with) this year’s festival certainly seems to have a lot resting on...

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HeartSongs - 20180430

HeartSongs - 20180430

Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Oxbloods about their recent single ‘Minefield’. Listen to...

HeartSongs - 20180326

HeartSongs - 20180326

Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Dublin-based singer-songwriter, The Pickled Onions, about ...