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Beth Ditto - EP

  • Written by  Helen Szczupak

Girl with attitude Beth Ditto returns to the airwaves this month with her first solo EP. A collaboration with Simian Mobile Disco, this 4 track EP is dance-tastic and a fresh change from her work with The Gossip.


Ditto’s softer side comes across straight away with a much more sultry vocal with a real clarity; far from the outcry of bellowing and booming vocals with The Gossip. There is a real melodic and sweet sound to these tracks, set against a pulsating beat and disco feel vibes.

The tracks are surprisingly heartfelt and vulnerable which creates a real contrast of styles from what you would expect of dance music. This is also far from what we expected from Beth Ditto; the usual upfront and in your face role model.

‘I Wrote The Book’ is the strongest and liveliest track that blends electro house grooves with a simple vocal about regret, revenge and heartbreak. ‘Open Heart Surgery’ is a ditty about ending a relationship, a well written track that is catchy and intense whilst being packed full of feelings and experiences. The lyrics seem very personal. Meanwhile, ‘Do You Need Someone’ sets an eerie vocal against a real electro beat backing track, an interesting blend of sounds keeping the listener wanting more.

The fact that Ditto’s solo effort is far removed from The Gossip’s work is a success in itself as we hear so many solo efforts that barely stray from the singers origin; it is nice to hear an EP with a purpose to bring out a different side. In fact had we not been told we may well have never known that this was Beth Ditto.

The only negative of releasing the EP is that it does not demonstrate a great deal of variety within her solo sound; but arguably this is to create a strong front and confidence in her style . But what would be really interesting would be to see what she would do with a whole album. Maybe one day we will find out...

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