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The Weekly Froth! - September #4

  • Written by  Stef Siepel


The Weekly Froth! A weekly take on six tracks, most of which have recently popped up somewhere in the blogosphere. Bit of a mixed bag with a slight leaning towards house, disco, and remixes, but generally just anything that for some reason tickled the writer’s fancy.

Track of the week: ‘Don’t Take it the Wrong Way’ by B-Jam vs Enos

Let’s get the funky in with B-Jam, who is a sure bet to get that funk ‘n hop vibe going on in his tracks. Just love how the track slides to the soulful, emotional vocals around the fifty second mark, then moves back to that talky, deep Barry White-ish voice in this mash-up that works. I especially love the combination between those soulful vocals and the music that is put underneath it, with the beat, the bass, the lighter instruments as well: that all just gels so perfectly, with the voice giving it the emotion and repetition it needs as he repeats that There are no words to express how I feel. Again, at about 3:25, that lovely transition, also in terms of just the vibe, which completely changes and makes your mind go Whoaa!. Just another creation coming out of that B-Jam corner that just does it.


‘Power Station’ by Riccio

Riccio immediately gets the vibe going with the handclaps, the deep rhythm, and the electro sounds that come in shortly after the start. To contrast those you get some ol’ school percussion in there, which is then followed by a deep little bassline that sounds as authentic as the percussion does. Through those two sounds, which have now taken over a tad, you get the electro again to juxtapose them, but by this time you’re already doing that Caribbean boogie. Riccio rides the bass for all it’s worth, which makes it nice and hypnotic, and even the horns won’t snap you out of that one. Those horns get a more prominent role as time goes by, sliding on top of the bassline, and the combination of it all makes for this festive sounding tune to do some dancing to. After about five minutes of going with that bass, Riccio takes it away for a moment, going with a beat and a wavering television signal (or something eerily similar to it). Not too long after though, that bass comes back, the horns quickly follow, and it’s all happy, festive, and party again.


‘Naomi’ by Citizen

This one starts with that thuddy, banging sound that I am never truly enamoured with, but those mysterious vocals tease me in, and the drums do the rest. That thuddy sound, after a minute, is left behind, and now we’re just getting the deep techno vibes with those electronical, industrial sounds. Citizen throws some extra punch in there at about 1:30 to get you feeling, and shortly after we get the talky vocals that mention that she can make you feel better, after which this one slides back into that deep beat with those mechanical sounds on top of them. At about 2:50 he ups the pace, though a minute later he dials it back down again as those vocals come in once more. This time they’re accompanied by those horn like sounds that are used very effectively for the build-up, leading you back into the moment the beat comes in again. If you like it deep ‘n 03AM sounding, this is one for the after-midnight crowd.


‘Dippin’ in’ by Ron Basejam feat. Danielle Moore

This is not the first track in my library that features both Ron Basejam and Danielle Moore, but the first time Basejam did a remix of a track featuring Moore on vocals. That track, ‘Just Be Good To Me’, is completely awesome, and well worth a listen if you have never had the pleasure. This one uses those R&B vocals effectively again, with Ron going for the slow jam, with the pace being dictated by that lovely, lazy bass. Sometimes Basejam varies a bit with the pace by dropping or adding the bass, though the mood he is aiming for stays the same. Moore really features prominently, with around the three minute mark being about the first time she takes a back seat to the instruments. Still, the main attraction to this catchy, Sunday sounding R&B crossover is that bass and those vocals, to which Basejam adds plenty of other instruments to provide a nice whole. This is a snippet, but can’t wait to be listening to the whole track, definitely easy on the ear this one.


‘I Want You’ by Huxley

This one starts with the atmospherics, going with the mood sounds and the vocals at the start. Only after the vibe is set he slides in the deep beat, though that one definitely stays a layer underneath the vocals, which keep their prominent position. Behind her, though, the space fills up, with more and more (semi)deep rhythm elements being moved in. In the mean time, the vocals aren’t letting up, and even when all words have gone, there are still enough sounds that can be made vocally, no problem. About three minutes in the deep gets ditched again, and a wall of synth takes over, with a smattering of piano squeaking through, and eventually outlasting that wall-o to softly, vulnerably end the track.


‘Sargas’ by Lehar (Mario Basanov remix)

Starts with the piano and the choir this one, but it just takes about 15 seconds to get the beat in there to up the pace. And immediatley it becomes one of those dancefloor bangers that just has the right vibe to get the whole crowd dancing. Accessible, up-tempo enough, but with those angelic sounds in the back and the patience in the down tempo bits even the snotty know-it-alls won’t be stuck complaining at the back for too long. There’s just too much vibe in there, and the build-ups are too nice for that I reckon. Then again, with that steady beat in the background for most of the time, plenty to hold on to for the nightly ravers as well. The second break in the track features a nice, deeper piano sound that gives it some extra atmosphere, though Basanov gives it a quick helping from the beat not too long in. As said, it’s just got this nice mixture of party scope together with this house, basement club blend that might just work both ways, even though the basement club vibe takes a hold of the song as it nears its end (not that you’ll be hearing me complain about that anytime soon...).


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