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The Parkinsons, Citrus Club, Edinburgh

The Parkinsons

Kicking off their set with signature tune 'Long Way To Nowhere' The Parkinsons barely pause for breath tonight as they power through a set lifted from their four albums to date. 'Body & Soul', 'Bad Girl' and 'Too Many Shut Ups' provided high points in a performance marked out particularly for Alfonso's unfailing energy and near-constant movement (working up a sweat being clearly the best way to throw off the lurgy). Victor was a close second in the covering the stage stakes, clearly relishing the live environment and the opportunity to thrash out. 

Pedro's bass was oddly lacking in the overall sound for the bulk of the set but the general cacophony from the drums, guitar & vocals more than made up for that. Whether the weather was to blame or not is obviously unclear but the crowd was disappointingly sparse for a show from one of the most important bands of their generation. Still, being a punk show with available alcohol, there was an altercation in the dancing element of the crowd resulting in the delivery of one of the best right hooks I've seen in person. Maybe not the riotous reaction the band have inspired in the past then but an indication of the tensions that love for them can unleash and the did enjoy a minor stage invasion for the final number of the night. On this form whatever they do in the studio next should see headline-grabbing once more be their byword when they take it on the road again.

Support tonight came initially from local act Little Love & The Friendly Vibes, who're not as the name might have you believe tree huggers. Melodic pop-punk with overtones of Wire is the quartet's forte (along with a dose of ADHD where there scampering singer/guitarist's concerned - this venue can't have ever held such energetic use of a cordless guitar before). Tackling the great number of First World problems we all currently face (social media blocking, late buses etc.) as well as the interference of authority in songs such as 'Parental Guidance' and 'Heads Down, Thumbs Up' theirs was a throughly entertaining opening half hour that for at least one member of the crowd was the best element of the night.

Sandwiched between Little Love and The Parkinsons were Glasgow's The Jackhammers, one of the most aptly named bands I've seen this year. Pounding away at their instruments in the fine style of The Ramones, Action Swingers etc. the trio they gave the impression of being able to go on all night, delivering their short, sharp bursts of punk fury. What were the songs called? No idea. Other than a dedication to the "Edinburgh dogging community" communication from the stage wasn't that clear between the songs but then we weren't there for oratory and musically they were extremely satisfying.

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