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Pinky Swear Records Announce First Ever Festival

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Northern UK-based DIY label Pinky Swear Records have announced their first ever festival, which will take place on Saturday May 2 at Manchester’s Sound Control.

Headliners confirmed are US pop punk outfit Man Overboard who will be accompanied with a set of the UK’s finest up and coming bands in the genre, including Moose Blood, ROAM, Boston Manor, Trash Boat and more across two stages.

Label co-founder Lee Burgess has said about the event, “I want it to be a good mix of everything I'd want if I was to attend an indoor all day festival myself. That's all we've ever done when it’s come down to our releases anyway; so we’ve hit it with the same ethics. We’ve picked bands we like and bands we want to put in front of people. We’ve kept the cost down to just £12 per ticket, with no booking fee nonsense, for a total of 16 bands. No clashes so bands don’t have to compete and punters get to see everyone they want to; plus no barriers cause they’re just annoying at punk shows. We’re inviting some labels and distros down to sell records, and we’re gonna have freshly cooked meat and vegan food options available at prices that are ridiculous. We just want it to have a fun vibe all round.”

Tickets are currently available at an early bird price of £12 until Friday March 13, when it will rise to £15. 

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