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In Pictures: Wyvern Lingo, Barrowlands, Glasgow

  • Written by  Chris Kerins

Saoirse Duane - Vocals & Gibson

Wyvern Lingo, a three-piece from County Wicklow, Ireland got a glimpse of rising fame when they were the backing band for fellow County resident, label mate & foremost, friend Andrew Hozier-Byrne. This insight spurred the trio into action to give it ago on their own and now touring with Hozier they are drawing plaudits faster than white on rice. Chris Kerins caught their moments on stage for our readers.

Karen Cowley (Vocals & Keys).

Saoirse Duane (Vocals & Guitars).

Caoimhe Barry - Volcals & Persussion

Caoimhe Barry (Percussion & Vocals).

Saoirse Duane

Caoimhe Barry

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