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Sea Lion Reveals New Track "If My Baby"

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Sea Lion has revealed new track "If My Baby" from her debut album Desolate Stars (expected Friday August 28 via Turnstile).

The Gothenberg native Linn Osterberg explains :"'If My Baby' is a sort of low key pop song. It's about love that is not unrequited but still feels like it, about unrealistic expectations and not knowing where to draw the line between dreaming and living ordinary life. It's a song for everybody that has ever left a relationship being more in love than ever.

Desolate Stars follows on from  the release of two well-received EPs released last year.

You can check out "If My Baby" below:



Desolate Stars Tracklisting
He Wears A Smile
If My Baby
Baby’s Town
Desolate Star

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