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Man Made - Newcastle University

  • Written by  Jade Askew

Buzz bands come and go like the wind, yet Man Made have been slowly rising up through the ranks. Tonight sees them opening up for guitarist Nile’s dad, the incomparable Johnny Marr but with that to one side, Man Made storm the stage with an intriguing sound. They take the best bits of a multitude of genres and combine it into an incendiary performance.

From the heavier jams to the wonderful rock 'n' roll freakouts, its like Ezra Furman if he hailed from Manchester. Their straight up sound has the entire crowd up and dancing, there’s flamboyance without being overzealous. They’re tight and filled with energy, latest single 'TV Broke My Brain' sounds phenomenal.

It’s unsurprising that the band is tipped to be huge, and tonight compounds this. They’re one of the brightest and most exciting bands that we’ve had the pleasure of capturing in some time. Johnny Marr also put on one hell of a show, but it is only a matter of time before Man Made are up there headlining.


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