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The Galileo 7 - Cruel Bird

The Galileo 7 are back. Allan Crockford & co. return after the excellent False Memory Lane album (our review here) with a new single on March 25. Limited to 500 copies the first 200 will be on purple vinyl.

The disc features two toe tapping tracks which up the pace slightly from that of the previous album. A-side ‘Cruel Bird’ nips along at a nifty pace and after a few listens (you’ll have it on repeat believe me) will have lodged itself in your brain to the extent that you’ll find yourself humming at the bus stop.

Companion track ‘Nowhere People’ is, as you’d guess from the title, lyrically one of Crockford’s more socially conscious numbers yet it holds it’s end up by making you think about wider issues whilst maintaining the solid pace set up by ‘Cruel Bird’. Another fine release from a band on cracking form.

'Cruel Bird' is available from State Records here

The band's new "almost-live album" Live-O-Graphic is also now available for pre-order. No copies will be shipped before the 28th March. Order now from the Galileo 7 store.

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