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First Listen : Chorusgirl - No Moon

First Listen is the part of Musos' Guide where we tempt you in with lesser played tracks from the recent past or this very minute. Enjoy.

Live Dates:-

20th Mar: LONDON, Servant Jazz Quarters (on.fb.me/1SuNkOc)
25th Mar: CARDIFF, Wales Goes Pop! (on.fb.me/1Nesw5M)

30th Mar: DRESDEN, Ostpol (on.fb.me/1OXJhDi)
1st Apr: BERLIN, Acud Kunsthaus (on.fb.me/1TmNtEc)
2nd Apr: HAMBURG, Astrastube (on.fb.me/1X7oMd4)
3rd Apr: KOELN, Tsunami Club (on.fb.me/1M39ZKO)

9th Apr: LEICESTER Indiepop Alldayer (on.fb.me/1KlhjRa)
1st May: LONDON, DIY Popfest (on.fb.me/21TaK5J)
20th May: NYC Popfest (on.fb.me/1R3s3Mf)
10th Jun: MANCHESTER, Castle Hotel (on.fb.me/1W3LQcB)
11th Jun: Going Up The Country Festival, Congleton (on.fb.me/1W3LRxc)

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