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Moose Blood, Sound Control, Manchester

  • Written by  Adam Long


Today we’re at Sound Control Manchester for emo revivalists Moose Blood. Hailing from Canterbury, the band are doing the UK proud with a refreshing, hard hitting sound.

From the get go the place is packed with people waiting for the first signs of movement on stage. Kicking off the proceedings are the quirky outfit Grey Wind who smash it and get the crowd engaged as much as possible for the forthcoming emo kings. The only thing I wanted to hear more of was some backing vocal harmonies to support the already strong vocal of Steph O’Sullivan. Winter’s Passing take to the stage next, their sound engineer appearing to doze off as the levels don’t seem suited at all. This persists all the way through their set but the songs still manage to shine through and we can see their song writing abilities are on top form. The call-and-return vocals between to the front two are great and the intricate guitar work adds to make their band’s sound something to keep your eye on.

With the support over it's time for Moose blood who hit the stage full throttle. I’ve heard their new single ‘Honey’ in the past few days and didn’t really feel too strongly about it at first. Until I heard it live that is… It’s brilliantly catchy and judging by the crowd’s reaction to it’s a sure fire winner. A few crowd-pleasing oldies get chucked in after words by way of 'I Hope Your Missing Me’ and ‘Cherry' sending the crowd wild. There seems to be nothing this band can do wrong and the crowd seem to hang on every word Eddy Brewerton say’s, singing at times louder than the frontman himself.

By the time final song ‘Gum’ is played, you really get the feeling that this band could be huge in the coming years. With such a large dedicated fan base already growing and a new album on the way I can see them going far. Who knows what’s coming next but surely for these guy’s it won’t fall short of arenas and world domination. Not only that but they’ve already announced tickets for another Euro/UK tour later this year so if you missed out this time, then get your arse in gear and buy some tickets.

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