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Franklin Fest 2016 - Pre-Festival Interview - Thee Jezebels

  • Written by  Debbie Sheringham
Thee Jezebels will be playing at The Franklin Fest on Saturday 25th June (that's this Saturday groovers!!) alongside The Embrooks, Oh! Gunquit, The Mindreaders and The Sine Waves. 
I popped a few questions to vocalist/guitarist, and all-round cool burd, Laura... 
Debbie: There seems to be quite a big buzz about Thee Jezebels, and you seem like a very hard-working band...   
LA: We put out our second release via State Records in March, and coupled that with a tour around Spain. We recorded some of the gigs so who knows what we might do with that... We have only been together about 18 months now but are well proud of what we've managed to do in that time! Especially considering we don't live that close to one another. But we keep ticking over with gigs, radio airplay both here in Europe and in America, as well as writing more tunes, so we will always endeavour to keep ourselves busy!
Debbie: What can the punters expect to see from your set, and what are you personally looking forward to most about the weekend?
Something that people continually say about us is that we like to have a laugh - which is exactly what it should be about. Good tunes, plenty of beer, gettin' sweaty and crackin' jokes. Bosh. It'll also be wonderful to visit Edinburgh, but I think we're mostly looking forward to seeing all the bands! Such a great line-up! It's also excellent that Lois will be with The Embrooks and Letty will be with The Sine Waves as well! Jezebel take-over! 
Thanks v much to Laura. Tickets for The Franklin Fest can be purchased here
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