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King Creosote announces new LP and streams video for 'You Just Want'

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King Creosote has announced a new album due to hit the shelves this September.

Returning on Friday September 2 with Astronaut Meets Appleman, the Scotsman explores the tension and harmony between tradition and technology and also invokes a feeling, King Creosote said is like: “being caught between heaven and earth."

On the new LP KC said: “I wanted to push myself songwriting-wise, so I went in with hardly anything and had to wing it. I wanted to try and flip the clock all the way back to sound like a younger me – or a less cynical me. In the past, I've been fixated on twisting and wrenching every line, but here I've let that go a bit, and I hope that lets you concentrate more on the music; on what’s going on around it.”

The first track to be shared is the album’s opener ‘You Just Want’. A seven-minute piece of hymnal drone-pop, its touchstones are the art of patience, scenes of mild bondage and Venus (in Furs).

You can watch the video for the new track below:


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