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Shame, O2 Academy, Newcastle

  • Written by  Lee Hammond

Are Shame one of the most exciting bands in the country right now? Based upon tonight's showing that certainly appears to be the case. The South London quintet storm the Newcastle O2 Academy stage early on this evening to an already packed crowd who seem keen to catch these guys in the flesh. With their songs being more like spoken word sharply delivered against a driving back beat, their lyrics are definitely the main focus on this occasion. 

Front man Eddie Green is a force of nature frantically dancing around the stage and often jumping into the crowd, there's a real excitement surrounding the band and rightfully so. Their energy is infectious and with a front man like Green who seems to find it difficult to suppress the urge to climb on everything, it's no wonder that the crowd seem to be taken aback by the band's enthusiasm, as are we. Despite being the first of two support bands tonight you'd think they were headlining the show.

It appears to be as much about the performance as it does the songs. However, both tracks from their latest double A side are given distinct prominence by the band, ‘The Lick’ makes an early appearance with its thunderous bassline and it's harsh words. ‘Gold Hole’ closes tonight's set in emphatic fashion, with the room brimming with enthused punters, their last hurrah truly sets them apart from the rest of the bands tonight.

Their tracks paint a true picture of modern day society, Shame are not afraid to shy away from speaking the truth and that shows through on record. Live though they're a completely different prospect, tonight they're merely here to warm up the crowd for Slaves but instead they command this huge stage with a brilliant sound and incredible stage presence. This certainly will not be the last we see of Shame!

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