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Dealer - Billionaire Boys Club

Coming across like a more serious & less ethnically diverse Hard-Ons, Dealer deliver up an in-your-face ten tracks of hybrid metal/punk/grunge on debut album Billionaire Boys Club. There’s a distinctly old-school feel to the way they do things whilst simultaneously pushing the crossover boundaries of the various genres they readily embrace.

The Oakland trio (formed less than a year ago out of the ashes of Sexless) bring a hefty amount of weight to the table on the likes of ‘Odious Charm’ whilst covering the speed angle on ‘Total Horse’ and 'Cake Walk', amongst others. Both moshers & skankers have plenty here to make good use of when in space to cut loose.

There are riffs galore in their “Mudhoney-meets-Megadeth-via-Black Flag glory” with Darien McKinney’s kit-pounding anchoring everything the band does to a solid, propulsive force. Vocally they follow the line of being understandable for around 50 percent of the time but that’s hardly a drawback.

Unafraid to draw things out the band even get (almost) Eastern & mystical on ‘She’s As Beautiful As A Foot’ at the halfway point of Billionaire Boys Club, although it doesn’t quite pan out that way by the song’s strangulated close.

Vocalist Kevin Klausen has been actively pursuing rock ‘n’ roll glory for a number of years now and his guitar work clearly displays the notches earned over that time spent slogging it out both as a performer & as the tour manager for other acts at home and abroad. This is a guy who’s had his faith in music almost quashed only to once more get the buzz and come back with arguably a career-best piece of work and the band to make it work in the long-term.

Dealer are in your neighbourhood and on your street corner – you need to get ahold of the goods they're peddling.  

Billionaire Boys Club is available from amazon.

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