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Kaos Krew Echo White Zombie On New Single

Finnish six-piece, Kaos Krew, took its first breaths in 2004 as a solo project for guitarist Ulf Skog in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), Finland. The band’s music style is often described as Industrial/Crossover Metal” which is based on heavy riffing with the addition of synthesizers and loops from the Industrial scene.

Kaos Krew made their very first advanced studio demo recordings in 2004 for their promo Under Destruction. The feedback from this release was very positive worldwide and gave them a record deal with Top Records in Finland. Their first full-length album Devour was released in 2006.

Göran Fellman joined the band in 2005, followed by drummer Zacharias Ahlvik, vocalist Massi Wickman, and keyboardist Sven Wannäs. bassist Jonas Kuhlberg completed the line-up. Their fourth album Returno is expected this year via Inverse Records, and ‘Panama’ is the second single to be released from it, after ‘End My Pride’.


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