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Tuxedo release '2nd Time Around'

Tuxedo resurrect the dance funk of Earth, Wind & Fire with their new single, '2nd Time Around' taken from their upcoming second album. Finding themselves at the forefront of a new wave of gangster boogie, one that owes as much to G-funk as P-funk, Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One announce the release of their second album as a duo, out via Stones Throw Records in April. Both descendants of the one-word moniker family of funk, the Tuxedo collaboration began with an exchange of mixtapes back in 2006. "They had a lot of the same songs on them." said Jake. "I couldn't believe there was another person in the world that cared about this style of music.”

Considering their individual successes it’s no surprise their powers combined have yet again yielded a bevy of absolute slappers that are packaged perfectly for dance parties in 2017. Recorded while the pair was on the road during their last tour, Tuxedo II is both a continuation of and improvement on the first album. "The sound really clicked towards the end of recording the first album. This time around we just did it better,” says Mayer. “It's like Empire Strikes Back where you already know the characters and you can get straight to the action.” They both insist Tuxedo is about having fun and dancing. "We needed a carefree release in these fucked up times,” says Jake. Tuxedo II is a modern testament to unity and positivity in trying times. It is a reminder that the dance floor will always be there to welcome you, whoever you are.

Younger pop music consumers may not know that the latest hits from Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson derive from a genre that was swept under the rug for decades. The material here, while wholly original, is an exercise in honouring its forebears. The crystallization of the album's concept comes courtesy of its message of universal love; thanks to the signature combination of soul and pop sensibility that have come to define Mayer's hooks. You can feel the imprint of greats in combination with sounds made famous by hip-hop legends, mastering a new ‘old’ sound in a loving albeit modern homage, wearing their influences on the sleeves of their tuxedos.

Listen to ‘2nd Time Around’ here

Tuxedo II Track Listing

Fux With The Tux feat. Snoop Dogg

2nd Time Around

Take A Picture



Scooter’s Groove

U Like It

Back In Town


Livin’ 4 Your Lovin




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