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Stoat Release New Single, ‘Trampolina’

You wait 12 years for a new Stoat song and two come along in the space of a month! ‘Trampolina’ is the follow up to ‘Talk Radio Makes Me Feel Alone’ and is the second song from the highly anticipated new album Try Not To Think About It which is due later in the spring.

The band first formed in 1998 and wowed audiences with their incisive lyrics and experimental, punk-influenced rhythms before going silent in 2005. Much has changed in the world in that time but little has changed in the quality of Stoat’s music.

‘Trampolina’ one is a bit more indie-pop than indie-punk, and less dancey than their previous offering but has a lot of bounce and a big chorus, with a full brass section. “Trampolina is a bit of a departure for the band”, says Cormac, “In that it’s an honest-to-god love song, the first I think we’ve ever done, but we’ve been playing together for decades and there are whole years I can’t account for. It describes a short lived affair, touches off the tragedy of the human condition, and ends – now I think about it – kind of poignantly.”

‘Trampolina’ is out today from usual outlets. The video, below, was done in one take, in a manner to rival OK Go.


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