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A Chat With Morganway

  • Written by  Katherine Rippon


Morganway’s fiery, Americana-influenced style is packed full of powerful riffs, charismatic five-part harmonies and compelling, honest song writing. The band was established by twins Callum (acoustic guitar, lead vocals) and Kieran Morgan (lead guitar), and also features Yve Mary B (lead vocals), Matt Brocklehurst (keyboard) and Simon Tinmouth (drums).

Morganway are currently working towards the release of their second EP, The Hurricane, on April 7th. Their debut EP No Tomorrows was released to glowing praise last year. The lead single ‘My Love Ain’t Gonna Save You’ exposes the band’s diversity with a deeper, grittier sound, while still maintaining the familiar roots influence that fans of the band have come to know and love. We caught up with the twins at the helm, Kieran and Callum, to find out more.

MG: The title of your most recent single, 'My Love Ain't Gonna Save You' is quite some statement! How did you arrive at it?

Callum: Truth be told? While I was making coffee at work! It just jumped out. Sometimes that’s how it goes with lyrics, you don’t question it, you just accept it. On reflection, as a statement it says that you can’t help someone if you can’t help yourself, and you’re the only person who can save yourself. It’s also to do with love itself, which is so messy, unpredictable and scary. I think lyrics should leave room for interpretation, and hopefully it means something different to everyone.

MG: We hear it is a single teasing a new EP... would that be right?

Kieran: Yes! We are releasing The Hurricane EP on April 7th.

MG: Hurricane! Another awesome title. Tell us more…

Kieran: 'Hurricane' is a track we’ve had as the final song in our set basically since the beginning of the band. It’s a fan favourite and it’s always a track we can let our live souls unleash. It’s a very passionate ending to the show. Consequently it’s been a hard one to take from live to the studio but we feel we’ve captured the song in
this recording, so we of course had to name the EP after it!

MG: How would you say the EP has grown from your debut?

Kieran: I think we’ve captured the darker edge to our sound, which didn’t come across in our debut. We specifically chose songs this time that have gone down well live, so the new EP has more energy and brings out the dirtier side of our sound.

MG: What was the biggest lesson you've learned as a band while working on the record?

Kieran: Don’t over analyse and always trust each band member to put their creative stamp on the tracks. The five of us all have different influences but what we do when we come together creates Morganway.

MG: A year is a long time in music. Would you say your ambitions remain the same as when you released your first EP? 

Kieran: In a word…yes. We are all driven and really want to push Morganway as far as we can. We love playing live and we keep getting stronger the more gigs we do. It’s beginning to feel that way in the studio, too. We’re excited just to keep making more music together.

MG: The EP aside, what plans do you have for 2017?

Kieran: We have some video shoots planned over the next few months for the other singles on the EP, as well as various live shows across the UK. We have a summer full of festival slots and on top of that we’ll be heading back to the studio as soon as possible.

MG: What does the word 'success' mean to you?

Kieran: Making a living out of creating music I love.

MG: Lastly, complete this sentence: 'Morganway will have reached their peak when they duet with…'

Kieran: Bruce Springsteen. We may all have different influences but we all agree that he is the boss!
Morganway's new single, 'My Love Ain't Gonna Save You' is out now and the band are playing various dates around the UK in the coming months. For more information about upcoming live dates, their release schedule and to check out their music, head on over to their website
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