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Bumper Medway Vinyl Re-issue Experience From Damaged Goods

Joyous news for fans of the Medway sound - Damaged Goods will be reissuing the first three Solarflares albums (Psychedelic Tantrum, That Was Then... And So Is This, Can Satisfy You) on various shades of coloured/clear vinyl and Punk Girls by Thee Headcoatees (Can Satisfy You and Punk Girls will also be getting digital releases) on August 25 and September 29 respectively.

The Solarflares began life as a trio of Graham Day, Alan Crockford & Wolf Howard before expanding to a quartet with the addition of Parsley on keyboard duties for Can Satisfy You. All three albums contain gems of Day & Crockford's song craft with the first two having a classic rawness and the third expanding earlier songs and including the band's takes on 'Father's Name Is Dad' and 'Save My Soul' amongst other covers.

Punk Girls is 20 years old this year & well deserving of a reissue, being one of best examples of the work of Thee Headcoatees' as well as their fantastic choices in the covers department ('Teenage Kicks' & 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' amongst them). Holly Golightly, Ludella Black, Kyra Rubella & Bongo Debbie have all gone on to release numerous other singles & albums since the band broke up but Punk Girls is a classic document of their time together and a yardstick by which to measure much of what's come since in a similar vein.     

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