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Un Blonde 'Good Will Come To You' Reissue

Good Will Come to You, the latest album by Montreal’s singular talent Un Blonde, sees its first international release through Flemish Eye Records in September 2017. Un Blonde is the solo project of young Montreal-based musician, producer, and composer Jean-Sebastian Audet. Audet’s musical world is a constantly mutating series of landing points and crossovers, forging unique connections between contemporary RnB, cubist avant-funk, low-key soul, lo-fi indie pop, and confessional songwriting. This heady mixture is combined with subtle, intuitive genius in Good Will Come To You, an album initially self-released on a highly limited (and quick to sell-out) cassette run. A modest self-release that landed a spot on the 2016 Long List for Canada’s prestigious Polaris Music Prize, further cementing Audet’s growing reputation as one of the most compellingly original new artists to emerge from Canada in recent years.

As the first fruit of his newly-minted recording contract with Alberta’s Flemish Eye Records (home of Chad VanGaalen, Women, Viet Cong / Preoccupations, Braids etc.), the remastered album will be made available once again worldwide on LP and digital formats.

The music of Un Blonde is conceptualized, written, and recorded completely by Audet himself in apartments and rehearsal spaces around Montreal with a very simple and limited recording setup. This approach is a key element of his music. “I spend every day waiting for things to say, and saying them right away”, he says, and this unencumbered and unfussy recording means - instinctual, uncomplicated, familiar - permeates and personifies Good Will Come To You.

 In the live realm, Un Blonde exists as a series of constantly shifting permutations, adding and subtracting members to find the right sound. Over the years, the band’s live scope has ranged from large ensembles featuring extra drummers, percussionists, and guitarists, to a stripped-down trio that focuses on group improvisation to raise existing material to new heights. Audet’s live accomplices include players from some of the finest contemporary indie acts going, including members of Nap Eyes, Homeshake, Lab Coast, Monomyth, and Tough Age.




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