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HeartSongs - 20171009

Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Red Collier from Alaskan shoegazers A Thousand Hours about their new single ‘Violet’.

“One of my closest friends is pregnant, so I wrote her little girl a song. Sort of words of encouragement and advice; "Storm this world but don’t be like me, fucked up and demon ridden.

I produced and mixed this track myself so I went through over 13 mixes to get this right. What stands out the most though was putting up the mix on bandcamp fairly satisfied, only to loathe the vocal levels the next day. I made a mad rush to fix and replace.”

 Listen to 'Violet' on BandCamp

‘Violet’ Lyrics;

This is for you

Violet Dragon

Take to the skies

Open your eyes


I sing it for you

Sleeping dragon

Breaking on through

Open your eyes


Unfurl your wings little girl

Feel the sweet breeze little girl

And take flight

Yours by right


You will have dreams little girl

Just don’t be like me little girl

Take this world

It’s yours by right

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