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Justin Nozuka Ends Hiatus With High Tide EP

The Canadian-American artist Justin Nozuka has triumphantly returned with brand new single ‘All I Need’, his first new release since 2014’s Ulysees LP, and the lead single on his brand new High Tide EP. Produced by Chris Bond (Ben Howard, Eliza Shaddad, Tom Speight), ‘All I Need’ is a warming tonic for the soul, with Nozuka’s flawless talent for songwriting shining through the bouncing acoustic strings, emphatic percussion, and the musician’s expressive, light-touch vocal.

In an open letter to his fans, existing and new, Justin Nozuka shares: “I’m over the moon ecstatic to be sharing this new music with you. I wanted to thank you for your ongoing support throughout these years of silence and experimentation. I’ve been working on this album for over 2 and a half years. There were many times when I thought I was close, only to realize more songs needed to be written… It was an ongoing challenge, a proper mountain to climb.

I had the great privilege of working with an incredibly talented producer/musician by the name Chris Bond. We recorded both in Toronto, Canada and Devon, England over a couple months earlier this year. He truly brought these songs to life, fulfilling a sound I have dreamed lots about. I am tremendously grateful to him for his work and passion.  And now we are putting this out into the world…!

The album will come in 3 stages. The first and current stage is part 1, “High Tide”. This collection features 3 songs; All I Need, Hourglass and No Place in Mind. It’s a slight taste of what the album is about… warmth, nature, youthfulness and honesty in expression. I hope it brings some of these things to you. I am determined to be touring from here on out, I hope to see you on the road : ) With love and everlasting gratitude, Justin”


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