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The New Single From Lauran Hibberd

Earlier this month, Lauran Hibberd performed on the main stage at Bestival. Her newest song, ‘Eliza’ , belongs in an indie movie soundtrack for the little voice in your head. In the screen-less moments of our daily routines, our thoughts entertain our busy brains. Without earbuds, you might find yourself chanting “E-L-I-Z-A” and humming the chorus just like you would for the White Stripes’ ‘Hotel Yorba’.

The energetic guitar riffs, walking organ notes and steady beat complement Lauran’s voice like Zooey Deschanel in She & Him. One can easily imagine the song in a fun coming of age film like 500 Days of Summer that also boasts an impressive soundtrack. In ‘Eliza’, the lyrics explore a sense of self that comes from the choices we make. Lauran names her conscience Eliza. She wonders what others would think of the girl who lives in the back of her mind. Who is really in control? This song encourages listeners to think about how choices define our character and our relationships.

“For me, ‘Eliza’ is a soundtrack. It’s the dancing around in your room when your alone, the song you brush your teeth to in the morning. It’s coming of age, it’s fun, it’s young and it’s brash. It’s ignorantly honest, and represents my generation and the world I live in (all of its faults included). I wrote the song about the little voice we all have in the back of our minds, and I just happened to name mine ‘Eliza’.”



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