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Healthy Bones Debut With ‘Take It From Me’

In an age of technological advances, it’s often easy to overlook the overuse, and sometimes misuse, of these digital tools. In reaction to this digital world of ours, Dan Masters presents his new project Healthy Bones, which aims to put the emphasis back onto organic performance and live instruments.

Healthy Bones is all about five people creating music together in a room, it’s a simple formula and yet produces an immense dynamic. There’s no doubt that debut ‘Take It From Me’ will take you by surprise. Opening will a stripped back, raw guitar, the track gradually picks up speed and swells with the energy of Masters’ brooding vocal, hand claps, soulful backing vocals, synth keys and driving drum rhythms.

As the band’s pioneer explains: “It is a slight 'reaction' to what I believe is the overuse of technology out of laziness and not for the benefit of the music, which I think is becoming more common. Creative use of technology can help push boundaries and create amazing soundscapes which I am a huge fan of, but I think a lot of current music lacks personality and a human element. “





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