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Snail Mail Gets Pristine

‘Pristine’ is the first taster from Snail Mail’s forthcoming debut album, Lush;  10 songs of crystalline guitar pop that are both cathartic and expansive enough to get lost in. True to its title, it’s a gorgeous adolescent anthem of lush guitar riffs and arching vocals, culminating in the longing line: "Don't you like me for me? Is there any feeling better than coming clean?”

Snail Mail is 18 year old singer, songwriter and guitar prodigy Lindsey Jordan. Immediately noticeable is her clear, arching voice that perfectly captures the longing, hopefulness and disorientation of youth, as well as her distinct guitar style (she was classically trained since the age of five, uses her own tunings and was incidentally tutored by fellow Matador artist Mary Timony of Helium).

Her lyrics cut through the messiness of growing up with insight and humour: the trends, awkward house parties, sick-to-your-stomach crushes and heart wrenching breakups. The groundswell around her has been quick since the release of her debut EP, Habit, in 2016 at the age of sixteen on local Baltimore punk label Sister Polygon (run by members of the band Priests). In the time that’s elapsed, she's graduated high school and toured the US, opening for the likes of Girlpool, Priests and Waxahatchee as well as selling out her own headline shows.




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