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Sponsor a Camper with Girls Rock Dublin

Girls Rock Dublin are launching a two week crowdfunding campaign to help fund scholarships for campers at this year's summer camp. Having already funded two scholarships, GRD want to bring that figure to ten in order to support applicants from socially marginalised groups such as people from low-income backgrounds, LGBTQIA+ people, asylum seekers, refugees and people with a disability.

Running this Summer from July 3-7, the rock camp provides a positive, non-competitive environment where 20 campers, aged 12-17, will learn to express themselves through a unique programme that combines music tuition, collaborative workshops and a refreshing DIY spirit. The 2018 camp will be a five day long event of music and creative exploration. Campers get to form a band, write a song, learn how to play it and ultimately perform on a stage in front of friends and family. Yes, all in one week! Musical experience is not required.

The five day event will be hosted in premium Dublin music facilities Sound Training College and Temple Lane Studios, and will be run by an all-woman team of coaches and volunteers including musicians active in the local independent music scene including MayKay (Le Galaxie), Saint Sister, Elaine Mai, Naoise Roo, Maija Sofia, Cathy Ahearne (Elm, Fierce Mild), Naomi Macleod (ex Bitch Falcon) and more.

Make a donation if you can, and help GRD make a difference!

Girls Rock Dublin is a non-profit and volunteer led organisation that runs camps and events aimed at growing girls and women's self-esteem through music creation and performance.GRD are part of a global movement (Girls Rock Camp) that brings this type of camps in more than 100 cities around the world. Music is the means through which the movement seeks to create a positive impact at both a personal and community level.




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