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Glosse Got Heat

‘We Got Heat’ marks the debut release of electropop troupe Glosse. A provocative, brooding track about commitment and fidelity, ‘We Got Heat’ evokes a sense of danger and disobedience from the offset. The song presents itself as a showdown and is a twisted, wry look at the idea of obsession and relationships. It seems the protagonist cannot resist someone they know is harmful. There’s a sense of addiction to the excessive, hedonistic love they share; with calls for “fire” and “glamour” and the yearning admission that “what I need is what you give”.

The tracks meshes electronic and instrumental textures to create a mood that can appeal to both dance lovers and a more indie audience. Creeping guitar jabs linger like shadows amidst the xylophonic synths, reminiscent of Hans Zimmer’s Badlands theme. As the chorus swells, lyrics of “bed sheets in the back seat” conjure up images of writhing bodies and the breakdown, punctuated with beats of heavy breathing, adds to the sensual nature of the track. It’s a method that captures the ensemble’s strength and goes straight for the jugular.

The enigmatic group cites influences ranging from visual and auditory pleasures such as ‘80s electronica and The Lost Boys, to ideas like the American dream. Glosse is a German word that means the writing between the lines and, with this in mind, the ethos of Glosse is to create music that is highly introspective but also provides an unflinching commentary for people’s lives, so they can recognise and reflect on their own experiences of love and loss, desires and self-truths.





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