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The Psycho Season Resurrect Grunge

The Psycho Season is a rock band from Oulu, northern Finland. Their music can be described as a dark, gloomy rock with influences from grunge, stoner rock and heavy metal.

The band was founded during the spring 2010. They have released three full-length albums, one EP and two demo tapes. Aside from studio recordings, they also have released a handful of music videos online. The Psycho Season is known for its live performances and ambitious attitude. The bands new album Grunge River will be released November 23.

The album’s 10 grunge and metal influenced rock songs were fine-tuned on last summer’s festivals (Qstock, Metallifestivaalit) and then recorded and mixed by Teemu Luukinen and mastered by Aava Mastering. The album also features a cover song, originally intended as a bonus track; ‘We Die Young’ by Alice In Chains.




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