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Gum Takes Tooth Launch Video For Borrowed Lies

Gum Takes Tooth have released the second track from their forthcoming debut album for Rocket Recordings, Arrow. The stunning b-side of this single is a rework of ‘Borrowed Lies’ by Italian astral-voyaging collective Lay Llamas. Led by Nicola Giunta, this is an afrofuzz cosmic funk rework - a travelogue powered by a pan-global fascination with rhythmic hypnosis and an unquenchable experimental mindset. Centring around an addictive percussive groove, the track climaxes with a heavily overdriven fuzzed organ creating a psychedelic mantra in the vein of some of the early ‘70s Ethiopiques releases.

Gum Takes Tooth explain: “It concerns the small change victories and comforts our culture portions out to us to placate us and prevent action towards change - the lie of self-empowerment and paranoia is the ‘weapon offered as a gift’. It ends with a call to arms to look inward to find the weapon to overcome this”.

Gum Takes Tooth (London duo Jussi Brightmore and Tom Fug) have a unique approach: manipulated drum-triggered electronics achieve a dynamic, rhythmically driven and unclassifiable fury that flirts with both speaker-ripping psych-rock pyrotechnics and synapse-shredding acid house – delivered without any of the trappings or clichés of either.

Gum Takes Tooth are mavericks to the last, perpetual square-pegs and a band intent on forging onward to break all or any paradigms before them, creating a collection of kinetic anthems to battle everyday oppression - a work of machine-driven mania with a very human heart on its sleeve.


24 Jan - Leicester, The SoundHouse

25 Jan, London, Electrowerkz – with Nik Void, Sex Swing, Michael and Coldnose

1 Feb - Ramsgate, Ramsgate Music Hall

2 Feb - Sheffield, Audacious Space

14 Feb - Dublin, Drop Dead Twice

15 Feb - Cork, The Roundy




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