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Ashnikko Shares New Video For ‘No Brainer’

Having just released her second EP, Unlikeable, Ashnikko has proven herself to be one to watch with her outspoken, independent, confrontational and immediately empowering sass rap anthems. Her boisterous, in-your-face personality again hits hard today with the launch of a new video for ‘No Brainer’. Directed by Henry Dean, the video mixes Ashnikko’s visceral energy with some striking leftfield imagery. It subverts the clichés you’d expect to see from a rising female artist. Ashnikko twists the concept of a beauty queen into The Vomit Queen; performs in a web of rope that’s suspended from the ceiling; and signs off by fellating a shard of broken glass.

“I wrote ‘No Brainer’ during a really emotionally tumultuous period of my life,” says Ashnikko. “I’m pretty sure I was crying while writing it. I’m so emo, I love it. I’ve never written a song quicker. The song is about me finally coming into my own and not letting a partner hold me back. It’s me telling myself that it is an absolute no brainer that I’m going to fucking smash it in my career. I have no other option. It’s all I’m good at. There is no Plan B.”

Ashnikko’s back story is a confusing one: One moment you’re a regular teenager living in North Carolina and the next thing you know, your family uproot 7500 kilometres east – first to Estonia and then to Latvia. In Riga, her parents gave her no other option other than to enrol in a public Latvian high school. She was the only American girl in the entire country to attend a Latvian public school, with her lessons taught entirely in Latvian. Her escape was to spend her weekends flying to London to pursue a music career. She eventually established a new home-from-home within the OddChild community where she’s spent the last four years focused on developing her music.




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