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New Atlas Lay Low

Liverpool, by way of Ireland, producer and singer New Atlas has released a hard-hitting video for his new single ‘Lay Low’. The video captures the issue of domestic abuse from the perspective of a male victim, experienced first-hand by New Atlas.

Speaking about the video New Atlas says, “I wanted to touch on domestic abuse from a male perspective to give three minutes to support men suffering in silence. To show how perfect things can look in the public, and how polarised they can be behind closed doors. Most men are too full of pride, or afraid to be vulnerable and speak about their feelings or talk about suffering domestic abuse. I wanted to show the silence, and violence.”

‘Lay Low’ kicks off with dark future bass alongside indie guitars, which lay the foundations for the thought-provoking themes of ‘Lay Low’. The result plays as if a club-ready Rat Boy jammed with Twenty One Pilots. ‘Lay Low’ finds New Atlas on a darker tip to the bouncy indie pop found in his previous songs as he is now channelling more of his true self into his honest new music.



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