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Delta Mainline Release Folk Stories & Fairytales

Six years since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, Oh! Enlightened!, Edinburgh based Delta Mainline make their return with a spellbinding new single ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’. Mixed by Paul Savage (Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, Teenage Fanclub) ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’ is the lead track from the sextet’s forthcoming second album, Bel Avenir, penned for release May 3.

‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’ is a hazy ensemble of electronic and analogue parts, with synths and drum machines crashing lovingly against real drums. An old Rhodes piano loops through a Roland Space Echo, anchoring the track to a lulling, laid back vocal, until a controlled crescendo sends the listener into a beautiful orbit. The track reaches a spine-tingling, fuzzed-up peak as the band are joined by a choir, mellotrons and old analog synths to create a wonderful, menacing cacophony.

Speaking about the track, songwriter and vocalist David McLachlan explained: "The second album was four years in the making. Our original goal was to record and mix 11 songs within a few months, but the very opposite happened. Songs were scrapped, members left, and we seriously questioned ourselves and the point of continuing. We had a rough idea of what we wanted to create and for this to happen we needed to develop and change. We started again without timescales and boundaries; ‘Folk Stories & Fairytales’was the first song that we worked on after the initial dark period. It explores the tensions in relationships that push you to the edge of your emotional limits. The central theme is about accepting people for who they are and understanding your own emotions for the better."

Dubbed as "gloriously out of step with the rest of Scottish music", Delta Mainline’s unique mix of dream pop, shoegazing soundscapes, electronic experimentation, and psychedelia-infused garage rock has brought widespread critical acclaim, plus invitations to perform with the likes of Moon Duo, Micah P. Hinson, Jane Weaver, Elephant Stone, The Warlocks and The Telescopes.

Recorded primarily across Chamber, Chem19 and Castlesound Studios (with additional sessions at Govan Town Hall and a cottage in the Scottish Highlands), Delta Mainline confess to pushing themselves close to financial and emotional ruin though the making of their second album, but triumphantly resurface with a breathtaking record.


Upcoming live dates

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh Saturday April 20th (Album Launch party)

The Caves, Edinburgh Saturday June 1st

More dates TBC 

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