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The Vintage Caravan Are On The Run

Icelandic classic rock trio The Vintage Caravan are about to kick off the second leg of their European tour in support of their latest studio album, Gateways. The guys hit the road once again with Belgian rock outfit Black Mirrors.

Guitarist/vocalist Óskar says, “We are very happy to share this video with all of you. The director of the video is Nicholas Helgason who also worked with us on ‘Crazy Horses’ and ‘Babylon’. The making of the video was fun and also quite hard, Icelandic weather is not very predictable. It can go from sunny to a snowstorm in a matter of minutes. This video differentiates itself from our other videos, less focused on humour and the weirder things and is more serious because the song is one of our more personal ones.”

“The song is about touring, those moments leading up to going to the airport to leave your loved ones behind. Nicholas had a very good interpretation of the song and his concept for the video gives the song a wider meaning, he really did it justice, well done, man! We are so excited to start the Gateways Tour Part II with our dear friends in Black Mirrors! The last run was so incredibly fun, we can't wait to do it again! See you all ‘On The Run’!"

Gateways European Tour - Part II

23.06. UK Kent - Black Deer Festival


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