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Another Single From Painter & Poet

Anna Lee and Paulee Cee of Painter & Poet started out in the Savannah, Georgia, but instantly were faced with an obstacle that took away from their music together. Anna Lee was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that sapped the life out of her day after day and made the process of making music more like a burden as she continued to worsen. Over time, the symptoms of the disease became so harsh that she didn’t have the strength to stand at the mic during rehearsals.

The couple tried countless remedies to find a way to put the disease into remission, but there was no success in their attempts. Out of desperation to find a cure, the couple moved back home to the family farm in the deep country of south Texas at the end of 2017 and hit rock bottom. As they continued to seek out new healing methods, Anna Lee miraculously healed and the couple was able to jump back in to the music. Through the hardship, their musical bond was made even stronger than before and they were ready to take it on the road as their creativity and sound began to flourish in the new season of songwriting. Undertones of their southern grit flows in their music as they share their relatable life stories and the timeless principles they have learned along the way in their journey and know you can feel encouraged by.

Anna Lee says that, “‘Little Foxes' is our dance track. The groove is so strong you can't help but sway as you sing along and stick your middle finger up in the air cause this song is about the gossipers. Urgh, they are so annoying and can really put a damper on things. So, we decided to expose them and challenge them to step up and come into the light with their nasty lies that they have been spreading. I'm sure you just thought of a few people in your life that you would send this song to. Do it. We dare you. For how fierce the lyrics are, it's a super fun song and I think it can relate to everybody”.




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