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Silverbacks Surf The Pink Tide

Silverbacks are continuing their fruitful studio partnership with Girl Band’s Daniel Fox with the propelling new track ‘Pink Tide’ that is out now. Their last three tracks were also produced by after they’d played shows with Fontaines DC, The Murder Capital, The Beths, and more.

Songwriter Daniel O’Kelly says, “‘Pink Tide’ is a song about trendy and stylish revolutions that lack substance and never fully materialise. The chorus is inspired by a YouTube compilation I came across called 'Make Way for The Queens Guard!!!'. It's pretty much the Queen's Guard yelling the video title every time a tourist impedes them from completing their duty. I told Kilian about the video before he went on a short trip to London and upon his visit to Buckingham Palace he shouted out the line. His moment of inspiration wasn't very well received so we made it into a chorus.

Musically, we had been messing around with the outro guitar riff for a few weeks which we initially attached to another demo, poorly named 'Mark E. Smith Eats His Purple Crayon'. In the end we realised that the riff deserved better, and we started writing what eventually became ‘Pink Tide’.”




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