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Unprocessed Feeling The Fear

German progressive metal virtuosos, Unprocessed, have announced their new album, Artificial Void, along with an official music video for the first single ‘Fear’. The second full-length and successor of last years, Covenant, is set to be released on August 9 via Long Branch Records.

The German metal youngsters are back with a boom. After label-debut album Covenant gained worldwide attention with its stunning guitar work and a fresh take on djent with metalcore elements, Unprocessed release the first single, ‘Fear’ and announce their new album.

‘Fear’ reveals an even more catchy, massive sounding approach to the still technically sophisticated music, yet to be heard on the big stages around the world. The opening riff jumps straight into your face and opens up a new, futuristic sci-fi world with all the cinematic drama, huge vocal lines and bone crushing riffage on both bass and guitar, while the drums maintain the extremely high level of energy. ‘Fear’ gives a glimpse of what’s going to be one of the most anticipated releases in modern metal 2019 and is definitely a bold statement for the young band.

‘Fear’ comes with a cinematic music video that strongly reminds of modern day Netflix series in terms of colour and frame composition. Overall it captures the vibe of the track perfectly and shows the band performing in an ecstatic state of mind while the members also take place in a mysterious story line.

Artificial Void Tracklist:

1. Prototype

2. Artificial Void

3. Ruins

4. Fear

5. Abandoned

6. House Of Waters

7. Avatar

8. Antler's Decay

9. Down The Spine

10. Another Sky

11. The Movements, Their Echoes

12. Closure



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