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Playing House Are Not Good

London’s art-pop quintet Playing House have returned with their brand new single, ‘Not Good’. The single shudders with an unforgettable groove that recalls both the best of ‘70s floor fillers and off-kilter ‘80s bangers.

“‘Not Good’ is a surrealist look at the absurdity of the ambivalence to all things not good.” Mel Patman tells us, “It’s a song that could only be written in the surreal reality that we're living in right now, in the middle of the destruction of the planet, consumerism, inequalities, sexism, increased anxiety and depression. The song takes a pop at ambivalence, watching everything go wrong and doing nothing. It’s also about how those abuses take place in relationships. It was written following a really damaging relationship where there was gaslighting and manipulation but I couldn’t leave. Sometimes the safest thing is ambivalence when you are not permitted the power by people or society to change things. I wanted to write something that is both truthful and empowering."

Candid and honest, Playing House openly identify as queer, feminist, body positive and readily support such causes, playing at queer spaces and charity events. The group make subversive, vibrant pop music that doesn't conform and express ideas of love, identity, politics, as well as growing up and living outside of the heteronormative.

‘Not Good’ was produced and mixed by Joel Davies who assists Grammy Award winning producer Dan Grech-Marguerat and as such has worked alongside the likes of The Killers, MUNA, Two Door Cinema Club, George Ezra, and Liam Gallagher. This is Davies’ first solo producing project, seeing him step out on his own, and he picked Playing House after seeing them live.



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