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Rokky : Part Deux

Roots in Iceland, raised in England, and a resident of France and Germany, Rokky distils the very best of European pop and club culture.  Written in France and a song about submission, ‘Deux’ combines Rokky’s signature tough dance beats with a sensual French lyric, its dizzying sensual video is online now. “I know what I like and I work hard to create the sounds and beats I love”.

Rokky’s calm, composed exterior belies a driven individual who thrives on challenges. In her teens, she moved to her parent’s native Iceland, immersing herself in the local music scene. When she discovered Garageband, at age twelve, making her own music became a reality and she discovered that she could realise the beats and sounds she had in her head.  She decided to enrol in a sound engineering course and threw herself into her newfound passion.

Rokky spent the rest of her early childhood in Oxford and moved to Berlin in 2013. “Moving to Berlin and going out definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world of techno, dance music and DJs. It’s helped me get deeper into that world. The city has such a freedom to it, it’s allowed me the



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