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Equilibrium Video For First Digital Single

Progress without estrangement is a rare craft that very few bands truly master. All too often, a band ventures so far from its roots that it loses its trademark sound. And every so often, a band’s stagnation drains all of its charm. Finding that rare balance between the two is a huge task not easily accomplished. And yet there is a band that has been coming close to that perfect balance more and more over the course of the past few years. A band that, ironically, already bears that balance in its well-known name: Equilibrium.

Their latest, sixth record Renegades (out August 16 via Nuclear Blast) is heralding a watershed, the turn of an era for this genre. This is metal at its most epic and most monumental, bearing huge songs, resting firmly in the zeitgeist with massive, modern production and sporting quite a number of eclectic influences. Above all, it’s still Equilibrium - quite possibly more than ever.

The band has unveiled the video of the first digital single, the title track 'Renegades'. The clip was shot in May 2019 by Motion Bakery under the direction of Christian Lim in Manchester, UK. Berthammer states: “We are very excited to finally share the first song from our new album with the world. Even though all songs are pretty different from each other, 'Renegades' gives a good taste of what you can expect this time from Equilibrium.”

'Renegades Tour' - Europe 2020

14.02.  UK       London - O2 Academy Islington

15.02.  UK       Birmingham - HRH Metal IV



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