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Hello Cosmos Reveal 'Frequency Fields'

After the release of their latest EP, Hello Cosmos unveil a fresh cut from the record: 'Frequency Fields'. Hallmarked with the transformative soundscapes and star-scudding sonic ingenuities that definitively blueprint the output of this Manchester collective, 'Frequency Fields' arrives as a tantalising taste of the Run For President EP that arrived on July 4 (Via Cosmic Glue Records).

Taking in the astral plane straddling psychedelia of the 60s, the low slung baggy-fied rhythms of The Happy Mondays and the post-punk clout of The Fall, 'Frequency Fields' intercepts the disparate messages of trailblazers aeons past and re-routes them into a explosive new transmission of their own design.

Though it appears it’s not just the music that gazes to the heavens for its ideas, as Ben Robinson reveals the divine inspiration behind the enigmatic spoken word and electronic codings that sprawl across 'Frequency Fields':I wrote the lyrics while on a tour of the Sistine Chapel listening to Lost Colours, wasn't too popular with the tour guide with my headphones on all the way round… There's also noises we recorded from an app on my phone that simulated classic Nintendo games power ups!”

Hello Cosmos is the experimental collaborative project launched by award-winning founder of Bluedot and Kendal Calling music festivals, Ben Robinson. Though the project now spans over 50 collaborators, new single 'Frequency Fields' only features three players; Ben himself, plus brother Simon Robinson and brother in law Stephen Hewitt. 

'Steve added the bass line once the rest of the track was down, it brought it to life in a whole new way.' says Robinson. 'Ironically given it’s my instrument it's actually the best bass line on the upcoming album.'



Bluedot (20th July)

Kendal Calling (26th July)



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