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Declan Welsh And The Decadent West Salute Regional Nightclubs

Whether it was Jilly’s Rockworld in Manchester, The Kazimier in Liverpool, Gatecrasher in Birmingham, Mint Club in Leeds or The Arches in Glasgow, everyone who has ever grown up in the provinces of the UK will have a local nightclub that will hold a special place in their heart. While these aforementioned totemic nightclubs have sadly all closed their doors in recent years, they and their regional counterparts to be found in every city and every town, from Essex to Aberdeenshire, are just a handful of hundreds across the UK that will have played host to so many seminal nights-out and provided the backdrop to many of our formative years. ‘How Does Your Love’, the latest from erudite Glasgwegian poet and vocalist Declan Welsh with his electrifying band The Decadent West, is a nostalgic nod and optimistic ode to the sticky floors, battered doors and DJ lost-causes, that make regional night clubs such an inimitable and intrinsic part of growing up in the UK.

As Declan explains: 'This is maybe the easiest to misinterpret, I actually think this is a love letter to the power of provincial nightclubs. See, they get a lot of stick and yes I am not a huge fan of Downtown in East Kilbride. But see for 90% of folk, the f**king Berghain is a nightmare. Or like any f**king grocers come techno cocktail bar in Dalston. It's pretentious and cool and it's full of people who go to places to be seen going to places. See Downtown in East Kilbride for all its flaws, people go their to get blitzed and forget about their week. Their week has been sh*te, they know the place they’re in is sh**e but it’s not work so they embrace it. It's also about how kissing someone on a dancefloor is a transcendent experience. Its lame as f**k and everyone around you hates you, but see when you meet someone you fancy on a night out and you both winch to music, no-one else in the world exists, yer hearts going a million miles an hour, it's a rare moment of genuine tunnel visioned bliss. This song celebrates that.'

'How Does Your Love’, swiftly follows the band’s blistering recent single ‘No Fun’. Collectively, both tracks set the scene for one of the year’s most anticipated albums: Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold, the band’s debut LP which will hit the shelves on October 18 via Modern Sky UK.




Thurs 31        Newcastle Think Tank


Sun 3Brighton Hope & Ruin

Mon 4Bristol Louisiana

Tues 5London Notting Hill Arts Club

Wed 6Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach

Fri 8Blackpool Bootleg Social

Sat 9Liverpool Phase One

Sun 10Leeds Lending Room

Mon 11Manchester Jimmys

Wed 13Leicester Cookie

Thurs 14Halifax Lantern

Fri 15Glasgow St Lukes

Sun 17Inverness Mad Hatters

Mon 18Aberdeen Tunnels

Tues 19Dundee Beat Generator



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