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Jenny Hval Announces The Practice Of Love

Norwegian multidisciplinary artist Jenny Hval announces her new album, The Practice of Love, due September 13 via Sacred Bones. The Practice of Love expresses the connection between life and creating art in a specific way - an umbilical magic about relating to others, finding empathy and a common language through speaking, singing, writing together. 

The album is filled with arpeggiated synth washes and the kind of lilting beats that might have drifted from some forgotten mid-’90s trance single as evidenced on lead single Ashes To Ashes. Hval circles the issues of mortality with a kind of humane delight at play over layers of gauzy synth and syncopated beats. She intones: “Put two fingers in the earth / I am digging my own grave / in the honeypot / ashes to ashes / dust to dust.”

The Practice of Love unspools with an almost deceptive ease following the horror and viscera of her previous album. Where 2016’s Blood Bitch lingered in disorienting textures, samples and details, The Practice of Love sees the world from above and creates a landscape both realistic and imaginary. Through this landscape, multiple voices engage and disperse, both Hval’s own voice and the voices of collaborators Vivian Wang, Laura Jean Englert, and Félicia Atkinson.

Hval explains that this braid-work of voices could be “the voice of someone who was once an angry teenager, furious at the hierarchies,many years later. No longer angry, but still feeling apart from the mainstream. . . longing for community. I wanted to give the feeling of being apart from the world a mystical, but beautiful place, meaning pop songs... A place that also contains enough depth to bury oneself in.”

Practice of Love Performance:

Sun. Sept. 29 - London, UK @ Milton Court


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