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Emmure Makes A Pigs Ear

Following the monumental success of their last album, Look At Yourself, and countless tours over the last several years, metallic hardcore juggernauts Emmure have recently wrapped up the recording of their highly anticipated, eighth studio album that’s due out in 2020 from SharpTone Records. The band has unveiled what’s to come with a brand-new single titled 'Pigs Ear.'

Summoning the most brutal barebones, punishing metallic hardcore with some of the catchiest nu-metal inspired active rock rhythm around, Emmure makes their awaited return with no feigned sophistication, no phoned-in sloganeering, and no calculated drama.

Leaving the gossip and the rumour-mill in the past, vocalist Frankie Palmeri, along with guitarist Josh Travis and drummer Josh Miller, have emerged from the studio with a new album due out next year, featuring the veracious single, 'Pigs Ear.'



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