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The Night Flight Orchestra Announce Tour

Some bands enter new decades with caution. Nervously they traipse around aimlessly, having whispered band meetings discussing the zeitgeist, and how it might affect the planning of their next career move.

The Night Flight Orchestra, however, are too old, self-absorbed and hedonistic to give a damn. They start off 2020 by releasing a new album on February 28, before they embark on a European headline tour, bringing an Aeromantic Experience to the unsuspecting masses, beginning in London on the sixth of March and ending in Berlin on March 28.

The NFO air crew states, "We promise you otherworldly experiences, flaming berets, all kinds of musical and physical indulgence, trance-like states and classic rock as you never heard it or felt it before. Your life will probably never be the same, but that’s not a bad thing. We invite you to embrace the future of classic rock on a special evening with The Night Flight Orchestra. For your eyes and ears only."

»The Aeromantic Experience«


06.03. UK London - Islington Assembly Hall



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