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The Nearlies Release Ghost Rock

The Nearlies was formed in early 2008 in France. Combining only vocals, guitar, bass and drums, The Nearlies create an evocative musical world that transports the listener to the Ghost Rock mood, which is their first album.

The musical style of The Nearlies lies somewhere between The Shadows and Motörhead with ‘60s garage overtones.

In 1995-1996 before moving from Finland to France The Nearlies’ six stringer played a stunt guitar in Flaming Sideburns gigs and early recordings while Mr. Burns or Mr. Ski were away touring with their other bands.

01. Granny B

02. Two Wrongs

03. Vultures

04. Hill of False Hope

05. Tango Fiction

06. Pinjata

07. Two-Twenty

08. Angel Sometimes



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