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Tune-Yards Going 'Nowhere, Man'

Tune-Yards releases their new song 'nowhere, man'. The bright, brash and upbeat song is paired with a lively video that takes Chaplin-esque footage shot in Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner's garage during quarantine and brings them to life alongside stop motion animation by Japhy Riddle and Callie Day. The song title references the Beatles song and is a referendum on how far society has or has not come based on whose stories are told, celebrate and elevated.

Of the video Garbus says, "The song and the video for 'nowhere, man' were created under conditions of feeling squeezed and pushed to the brink - relatively, of course. I wanted to ask, 'How loudly do I have to shout and sing before I'm heard?' And the video asks, too, 'What am I not hearing?' We hope the music brings energy and a strong wind of encouragement to those who are shouting and singing loudly for justice right now."

'nowhere, man' follows the release of Tune-Yards' 2018 fourth album I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life. Exploring Garbus's place in the world, the album ruminated on race, politics, intersectional feminism and the environment, and was called "dance-pop at its most polyglot and polemical," by the Sunday Times, "bright, vital and surprising," (Gay Times) and "an entertainingly disruptive blast of a record with a mirrorball lure." (Uncut). That same year, Tune-Yards scored Boots Riley's film Sorry To Bother You and released a critically acclaimed song 'Mango' with actor Lakeith Stanfield's musical Moors.



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