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Astræa Releases Debut Single

London, by way of Minnesota, singer, songwriter and producer Astræa has released her debut single ‘Anybody Out There’. The song is a poignant ode to love, compassion and companionship, or – in so many cases – the lack of it. “‘Anybody Out There’ is about loneliness, something that every single person has experienced at some point in their lives,” says Astræa. “It’s part of the universal human experience but it can be really harmful. Whether it's friends, family, or lovers, we need people in our lives to survive. Without these close relationships, we can experience a multitude of issues or mental health problems. This song for me was an expression of how I've felt alone at different points in my life and one that I hope can be there for someone who might be experiencing loneliness.”

With a voice and style similar to Tori Amos and Kate Bush, and pop sensibilities reminiscent of Lorde and London Grammar, Astræa showcases her ethereal vocals alongside minimalist piano tones on ‘Anybody Out There’. The self-produced track builds through swelling choruses and spacious verses to produce a touching commentary on a universally shared experience. Her emotive lyricism and tastefully crafted musicality compliments the touching sentiment of the track and highlights a pressing social issue. 

Astræa is a classically trained pianist and an accomplished songwriter and producer, having had her versions of ‘Mad World’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ used in recent Lloyds bank TV adverts, which she arranged, produced and performed. Now releasing the first of her very own material with ‘Anybody Out There’, the US-born artist makes her biggest statement yet for her far-reaching skills in across the board of songwriting and production.

Having previously sold out a headline show at London’s St Pancras Old Church, Astræa has announced her next show in the capital at the even-more beautiful St James’s Church, Piccadilly on March 21. Tickets are available now via Eventbrite. 




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