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The Stoles - Age Of Deception

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‘Age Of Deception’ is the title track from The Stoles forthcoming debut album. It follows ‘Getaway’ and ‘Evelyn’ and leads the way for the record, which is due in February. The band have taken their time putting their first album together and signed with the American Spectra Music Group to release it. Ireland seems the natural home for this band. With their anthemic, political (with a small p) lyrics, chiming guitars and pulsating rhythm section, there will be inevitable comparisons to U2 but The Stoles throw in shades of classic rock alongside hints of QOTSA, Editors and even Coldplay along the way.

The Dublin-based trio start the song slowly. An arpeggiated acoustic guitar builds slowly in conjunction with Antonio Derosas’ plaintive vocals. Things step up a gear with an elongated paradiddle from drummer Ciaran O’Neill before the first chorus arrives. ‘Age Of Deception’ is an uncharacteristically long song for The Stoles. We’re more accustomed to three minute stompers from them but, granted the space a full album can accommodate; they stretch out and explore new ideas. A long Beatles-y b-section has flanging vocals and an outro with overtones of ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’.

Through various EPs and singles, The Stoles have weaved their way through numerous sounds and subgenres. Have they finally nailed their sound with ‘Age Of Deception’? Or will they continue to confound? Or maybe a bit of both. We’ll see when that album finally sees the light of day.

The Spectra Music Group bandcamp page is here so 'Age Of Deception' will probably appear on it soon.


The Stoles - I Don't Get Along With You

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The Stoles are based in Dublin and have been knocking about a few years now, gigging like mad around the capital and various festivals. This is their third release and is indicative of the evolution of their sound. While Madonna is called the 'Queen of Reinvention' for changing her hair colour once a decade, The Stoles reinvent their sound with every single.

They make an impressively complex noise for a three piece, funneling a broad range of influences into an alternative rock template. Singer Antonio Derosas doubles up on lead guitar and his vocal style comes straight from the early days of post-punk and new wave. The Stoles cite The Clash as a major influence and manage to capture the diversity of that band without openly aping them.

Following on from The Stoles EP and last year's 'Man In The Cave', 'I Don't Get Along With You' changes tack with spiky riffs and searing guitar leads. The song has a real Queens Of The Stone Age vibe, like a heavier version of an up-tempo Black Keys track, with Derosas channeling Mick Jones over the top.

'I Don't Get Along With You' is only three and a half minutes long but seems to last much longer. It has an epic feel to it, thanks to an extended instrumental breakdown. It's a punk pop reimagining of 'Whole Lotta Love' as the rhythm section pound pneumatically and the guitar ratchets up the tension until the closing chorus emerges in a climactic fashion. It shows great vision from the band and it's easy to imagine this song going on for much longer when played live.

Given their track record it would be foolish to expect The Stoles to stick with this type of sound for their next record. That will probably sound totally different again, but with 'I Don't Get Along With You' they have hit on a rich, un-mined seam of invigorating rock that stands out from their peers. This will be a highlight of their set for some time.

I Don't Get Along With You is available from iTunes.

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