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Oh Sees Share 'Poisoned Stones' Video

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Oh Sees have shared the video for their new track ‘Poisoned Stones’. Last month the band announced a new double LP titled Face Stabber, out August 16 via Castle Face Records. The band will also play London this Autumn. In a typically idiosyncratic statement, the band said;

“ Hey there, human kids,

Lift your face out of the feed trough and pluck that feculence from your ears. Hark! A sonar blip from beneath the pile of bodies.  Boop, blip ughhh….

People churning like a boiling swamp. Man, this din is nauseating.

The screen flickers for the first time this year with a transmission from two months in the future:

“the internet has deemed guitar music dead and you are free to do whatever the fuck you like ….long live the new flesh!”


This album is Soundcloud hip-hop reversed, a far flung nemesis of contemporary country and flaccid algorithmic pop-barf.

No songs about money or love are floating in the ether.

Just memories, echoes, foggy blurs

Blip-blop goes the scope

Heavy funk

Dystopia-punk canons

Lonnnnng jams

Bloated solos dribbling down your caved-in chest.

Human cattle like a beef avalanche, right on your burned out face hole.

Spider legs fuzz crawling in your brain.

Lots of curse words for your mom.

You’ve gotten the over-population blues, so let’s have some art for art’s sake.

What else are you gonna do?

Stare at the sky? Please…

50 carbon copies of you look back at you as you walk the streets.

Take a breath, you’re going to need it.

Take drugs, you’re going to need those just to stand in line at the air and water reclamation center soon enough.

There’s no fruit, buddy.

You’re at the bleak-peak.

They will squeeze you till you’re all squeezed out.


For fans of fried prog burn out, squished old-school drool, double drums, lead weight bass, wizard keys (now with poison), old-ass guitar and horrible words with daft meanings.

If you don’t like it then don’t listen, bub.

Back to the comments section with you!


Over and out”

Tour Dates:

September 6 London Troxy




Kelley Stoltz - Que Aura

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On his ninth album (not including those which have been tour merchandise) Kelley Stoltz keeps things pretty understated for most of the 11 tracks. None of the sunshiny exuberance of ‘Kimchi Taco Man’ this time around.

Which makes for pleasant enough listening but, having been used to greater expenditure of energy, ringing guitars, psychedelia in greater doses and catchy hooks over the course of Double Exposure and In Triangle Time & EPs etc. during the past four years, there’s a lack of any really exciting elements this time around; despite the playfulness of opening track ‘I’m Here For Now’.

‘For You’, track number eight, injects urgency and pace into the album’s course and rocks along nicely (if a tad moronically) but overall you’re not going to find yourself dancing around much to Que Aura but there may be enough to still put a smile on your face, which is generally the other by-product of a Kelley Stoltz release I find.

It’s an age since I’ve played any of Stoltz’s earlier albums but it’s probably fair to say that stylistically Que Aura sees him reverting to what he was producing around the time of To Dreamers and his other releases on Sub Pop. The press release for this album cites Fleetwood Mac, Pulp and Echo And The Bunnymen as musical touchstones for the work and in a general sense those are all pretty fair points of reference. ‘Tranquillo’ certainly resembles some of Jarvis Cocker’s more louche compositions.

Melancholia gets a look in on the proceedings too as after the pleasant but forgettable ‘Get Over’ comes the downbeat ‘Feather Falling’, giving you the distinct feeling that all was not well at some point during the album writing process. Thankfully the mood is lifted somewhat by the following, psych-infused power pop of ‘No Pepper For The Dustman’. Which sets the pattern for the remainder of the album – understatement in all things, moods going up and down but never to extremes in either direction.

Que Aura is available from amazon & iTunes.

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